Just wanted to put down a few ways I will be training new operatives at SouthPoint. If you have any feedback or ideas for new ways, let me know.

Combat Training:

Easy: None yet

Medium: Kill mobs and get to level 8 (as enchantment level)

Hard: Assemble a gold ingot by killing zombie pigmen in the nether.

Archery Training:

Easy: Shoot a stationary target

Medium: Hit a player moving back and forth.

Hard: Sniper training against other players.

Acrobatics Training:

Easy: Get to the top of the building at the spawn.

Medium: Get to the top of the Alamut building and say the code-word

Hard: Complete the abandoned mineshaft instance.

Infiltration Training:

Easy: Get into the nearby base.

Medium: Get into the Dovahkiin base and report findings.

Hard: With permission from Byzanthium, an operative or small group will break into Byzanthium without being seen and report findings. Useful also to prepare Byzanthium for invasions.

Also, a training island created by BigBellyBuddah will be used to do mock combat between Byzanthium and SouthPoint for training.