How to start in Byzanthium?Edit

  • Do the tutorial path at our home base (/f home).


  1. Don't grief anybody or anything related to the faction.
  2. Don't steal anything from anybody.
    • You can ask to get support from the other members.
  3. Be friendly towards others and you will have a nice home.

How to get a living place?Edit

  1. You have to choose a profession.
  2. Talk to a mod of the Byztanthium faction and tell him which tier you have chosen.
  3. Get your starter-kit from the tutorial path.
  4. Talk to a mod again to get yourself a place to live.
    • stay in the Inn (Gathering)/Temple (Religion)/Fortress (Military).

Hot to get your own house?Edit

  1. You have to be rank 3 in your chosen tier.
  2. You have to be in our faction for at least one week.
    • You also have to play often/frequently.
  3. You have to be loyal and friendly towards other citizens.
  4. You have to create a profile about your character on this wiki.
  5. You have to accept the rules/laws of Byzanthium/Senate/Augustus.


There are several ways to communicate on this server that are called "channels":

  • @playername = direct = {reaches only one player}
  • w: = whisper = {5 blocks reach}
  • s: = speak = {20 blocks reach}
  • y: = yell = {200 blocks reach}
  • f: = Faction = {reaches all faction members}
  • a: = Allied = {reaches all allies}
  • world: = World = {reaches everybody in the world you're currently in}
  • g: = Global = {reaches all players in the server}
  • Examples
    • f: hi all members
    • @chapston i will be right back
  • If you want to stay in a particular one of these channels, say just the command without anything added in the chat
  • Example:
    • a:
    • This will keep you in the Allied chat and everything you say after using this will appear in Allied chat without you having to say "a:" in front of everything you say.
  • If you don't want to get spammed by the channels global/allies/.. you can leave and join channels or ignore specific players
    • To leave a channel: i.e. global: /ch leave g
    • To join a channel: i.e. allied: /ch join a
      • N.B.: You can't leave yell
    • To ignore a specific player in the focused channel: /ch ignor chickencutter


  • Vampires are very strong creatures (They jump 6 times higher, run 2 times faster and get no fall- or suffocation-damage)
    • Nearly overpowered, but they have weaknesses:
      • Wood of all kind - a wooden sword does 3 times more damage to a vampire as a diamond sword
      • Holy water = Sparkling Potion
  • You can cure your disease at an altar of light.
    • You can find an altar of light in the The Farmlands or the Temple of Byzanthium.
  • You can get infected by a vampire or by clicking an altar of darkness.
    • You can find an altar of darkness in The Outskirts or the Temple of Byzanthium.
  • To be able to use the vampire abilities you have to use SpoutCraft.
    • To use the abilities just press the letter 'v' on your keyboard.
  • For further information visit: MassiveCraft - Vampires


  • Everybody can create a faction (75 silver needed)
  • There are three states factions can have with each other:
    • in truce with (you can't hurt them in their territory) </span>
    • allied (you can't get attacked or attack them)
    • enemy (you can get attacked everywhere and attack everyone)
      • in the disctricts of Silver Edge and in safe zones nobody can attack anybody
  • A faction has three values:
    • land (= claimed land of the faction [1 player = 10 land = 10 chunks = 160x160 blocks])
    • manpower (= based on the amount of players in the faction [1 player = 10 manpower])
    • power (= based on the deaths of the faction players)
  • Every faction has a bank where players can store money
  • In a faction certain players have special rights:
    • Moderators (= can invite/ban/kick players, claim land, choose about war/peace/truce)
    • Members (= can build on claimed land, can use (unlocked) chests on claimed land)
  • For more detailed information about faction system visit: MassiveCraft - Factions

General commandsEdit

  • /f (= faction information)
  • /home (= teleport to your last used bed)
  • /help (= shows help about user commands)
  • /money (= shows how much money you have)
  • /warp (= lists all warp positions in massivecraft)
  • /he tool (= enables/disables the griefing tool)
    • If it's enabled you can left-click to get information about placed blocks/chests.
      • The he-tool doesn't show you the entire chest-log of a double chest.
        • To get the entire information left-click both sides.
    • If it's enabled you can right-click (places a dirt block) and get information about the block stood there before
      • If you want to check a block which was hanging in air you can build a dirt pillar up to the griefed block and then use the right-click with the he-tool enabled
  • /v (= lists all vampire commands)
  • /g (= information page about gate building [premium users only])
  • /p (= the premium information page)
  • /list (= shows all online players in the server)
  • If you type only the general command you get an information page
    • Example: /v
    • Result: [Help for command "v" 1/1]
/v ?,h,help [page=1]

Often used commands (brief)Edit

  • /f home (= teleport to the faction home)
  • /home (= teleport to your last used bed)
  • /warp silveredge (= teleports you to central district of silver edge)
  • /warp nether (= teleports you to the nether)
  • /money (= shows how much money you have)
  • /he tool (= enables/disables the griefing tool)
  • /he page 2 (= shows the second information page of an activated block)
  • /f show (= shows the status of your current faction [land/manpower/power/faction states/players])
  • /f show <allyname> (= show the status of the named faction)
  • /f show <playername> (= shows you the faction the named player is in)
  • /help 2 (= shows the second help page ...)
  • /money pay <playername> 1.2 (= transfers 1 silver and 2 copper to the named player)
  • /f help 2 (= shows the second information page of faction commands)
  • /money help (= shows the money help page)
  • /mail (= shows the mail-system information page)
  • /mcstats (= shows your current player skills)
  • /seen <playername> (= shows you the online/offline time of the named player)


  • This server is running a skill system for a lot of different abilities.
    • Examples are: mining (pickaxe), herbalism (hoes), acrobatics (fall damage), etc.
    • You can activate a super ability for example while mining.
    • While you are for example mining stone/iron/gold/.. with pickaxe do 1 time right-click, while still holding left mousebutton.


  • The server allowes you to lock chests/doors/dispensers/traps and other blocks.
    • You need a sign and place the sign
    • If you want to lock a chest right-click the chest with the chest, the system will lock it for you
    • If you want to save a door/trap place the sign above or in front of the door (don't click the door).
    • To save an object the sign has to look like that:
      • [private]
      • Lachrymlogy
      • Gwendyn
    • there are some groups you can use for the signs:
      • [everybody]
      • [timer:55]
        • (= open for everyone for 55 seconds)
      • The system isn't connected to the faction system, so you can't use groups like that:
        • [Vampires]
        • [<partyname>]
    • If you want to edit the permissions of the signs, then hit the signs and type i.e.:
      • /lockette 3 Skylord_ZIM
        • That means, the activated sign will refresh line 3 with the user Skylord_ZIM who now has access to the locked object
        • To remove the access leave the playername blank

Server specialitiesEdit

  • You are able to craft some blocks you wouldn't be able to in the "normal" minecraft, these include:
    • Mossy Cobble Stone = Cobble Stone + Seed
    • 4 Netherrack = 1 Netherbrick
    • Holy Water = 1 Water Bottle and 1 Lapis Lazuli Dye (right-click an altar of light with water bottle)
    • Mossy Stone Brick = (A placed) Stone Brick + Seed (right-click the block with seed in hand)
      • The chance to convect the Stone Brick into a mossy one depends on your herbalism skill
        • herbalism = 100 = 10% chance to have success
        • ...
        • herbalism >= 1000 = 100% chance to have success
  • The server also allows you to repair your stuff in a different way from "normal" minecraft.
    • To repair: place an ironblock and right-click the block with your broken tool
      • You need to have the resource the tool was made of (i.e. cobblestone) in your inventory to be able to repair the tool you're holding.
    • You can repair weapons, armor and tools this way.