Name: Skylord ZIM

Race: Human/ Wolf Boy
Home: Byzanthine Empire

I was born somewhere in the wilderness and my parents left me by a tree and never came back. I survived of my saliva for 1 week and then at 1 week old I made by shelter. then at 2 weeks old I made a small spear and started hunting rabbits. I made a rabbit skin armor and cowl, it looked cool. One day I was stalking a hare and then I got jumped by a pack of wolves, I guess they thought I was a wolf pup so they took me in to their pack. We hunted and killed the local farmers sheeps, it was good eating. I rode on top of the Alpha wolf, my mama and howled wolf shouts. Then one night we were planning an attack on Ol' carls' storehouse, little did we know the locals were waiting for us. They had pitch forks and torches and they chased us out. a lot of the pack died in the escape it was just MamaWolf, Me, Omegawolf, and some other wolf no one cares about. We stayed in a glen for a few days and then the farmers found us and killed the wolf no cares about, later we found out that Omegawolf betrayed us and led them to us and he was never seen again. So it was just me and MamaWolf, we ran far away and when I was 5 she died from choking on a chicken leg. So I left and traveled through the forests and came across the city of SilverEdge. I saw this one guy called Snie-something something-19 saying he was recruiting for the Mighty Byzanthium Empire and I joined it. It is awesome. Soon I became a Praetorian, Guard of the Senate and Emperor at the age of 6. And that is all. goodbye.. >.>


One day soon Gwendyn and Lachrymology adopted the little wolf boy orphan and they lived happily ever after.

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