Shop Location of Byzanthium

Byzanthine Shop Location (Daendroc)

In this page I will descripe the shop of Byzanthium.

The shop is located in Daendroc. To get to the shop a player must go to the spawn in Daenshore. From there on the player must travel in the direction he faces when leaving the rowboat. Immediately after leaving Daenshore the player enters Byzanthine property. Here the shops are being build.

The shops are build in common Byzanthine Style. For this style, see Byzanthium - Laws. We will try to sell a lot of stuff here. We will build different buildings. All Empire Members are allowed to build a shop here as well without risking overclaiming by Byzanthine Forces. The Protectorate can claim their own chunks, but that is only possible if they are not located in Daendroc or if they are willing to spend 30 minutes claiming themselfes a way towards the shop.

Aquilonia, our first Empire member, already has claimed some area for a shop.

The shop will also contain a portal towards Byzanthium itself. This is useful for players who want to visit our capital.

Another portal that will be placed here is towards the Colosseum: our PvP arena under construction.