It's me

Faction Byzanthium
Race Human
Profession Architect
Vampire Yes
Married Gwendyn
Divinity Mars
Child(ren) Skylord_ZIM (adopted)


Germany / Byzanthium - Capital (Caerdia)
Born Laenyar
Age 24 / 28
Gender Male / Male
Gwen lach home

Gwendyn and Lachrymology's home



It's me

He came with great hope from Laenyar, a little island, to [1]. Impressed of the capital city Edge City|Silver Edge he decided to stay. Living in the wilderness was an option but not for the future.

The first day was very calm. He mined in the caves, cut down trees and killed wild animals for food. The capital was used from time to time to get some money from the shop owners and for other activities only possible in the city.

On the second day Lach. decided to have a proper home - a safe home, because after he awoke he was almost killed (nearly in his bed). Even today he awakes with a bad feeling in his bones. The District was a good option to ask somebody who knows a faction which is great and luxurious - but nobody was able to tell. After some talks about getting a faction with some faction members he was able to join the [2] (today Nordeburg - a subfaction of [3]).

His new home was a big ship on the oceans of Caerdia - awesome he thought. Lach. decided to get his stuff out of the wilderness to his new home.

Never the less the next day was horrible - a disaster. After waking up and traveling towards the Districthis new home got claimed by Alamut. His first thoughts were: "Losing my new home? That's a joke, isn' it?" - but it wasn't.

[4] of Alamut had built the ship, but the faction hadn't enough power to claim the ship before [5] set his home to the ship.

After a very long talk to the faction Lach. was able to explain that it wasn't his fault - being new to Ceardia and only wanting to be part of a faction. In fact of the kindliness of Alamut, he was able to join them - but only to get his stuff out of the ship back into winderness. "This day was hilarious and hard at the same time" Lach. thought before going to sleep.

With new power he started the next day in hope to get a better faction. At the District Lach. heard that the faction Byzanthium is searching for people who can mine and chop. That was the time to start a new attempt at getting a safe home.

Two hours later he leaning back in front of his own new, safe house. He noticed that this place is better than ever before, so he wrote a telegram to his wife Gwendyn in Laenyar telling her to take the next ship to Caerdia with course to Edge Docks. Four days later she arrived at the habour to join the Byzanthians, too. Now Gwen. and Lach. are living in their little home in the Byzanthian Empire.


Thecacher riding pig

My ex-neightbour thecacher riding a pig XD

Inner corner tower pig

This is/was our inner corner tower pig

Drunken cacher

Thecacher is laying in a priest bed and the orcale caught thecacher while being drunken

Chickens builded chicken

God_of_Chickens created at a contents of the joking jester with a stack sandstone this awesome chicken ^^

Thecacher and me

Thecacher and Me sitting at the memorial of our fallen soldiers

Freak show in byzanthium

... still a freak show ...

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