The Religion in Byzanthium and the EmpireEdit

The Empire believes in the Roman gods. There are 12 major gods and a lot of other gods and personifications.

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Major GodsEdit

The first list shows the 12 major gods, where one male and one female god are seen as a pair (some are couple and/or siblings):

  • Jupiter (Highest God / Lightening and Thunder / Protector of the State) and
  • Juno (Highest Godess / Family, Marriage and Birth)

  • Neptune (Sea / Water / Earthquakes) and
  • Minerva (Wisdom / Strategic War and Fight / Protector of City / Heroes / Agriculture)

  • Mars (Destructive War and Fight) and
  • Venus (Love / Beauty / Spring/Garden)

  • Apollo (Poesy / Light / Prophecy / Atonement / Healing / Pestilence) and
  • Diana (Hunting / Moon / Archery)

  • Vulcan (Vulcanoes / Fire / Blacksmithing) and
  • Vesta (Heath Fire / Family Harmony)

  • Mercury (Trade / Thieves / Travellers) and
    Ceres (Godess of Earth / Fertileness)

Other GodsEdit

  • Aurora (Dawn)
  • Baccus (Vine / Rapture)
  • Faunus (Woods / Protector of Farmers)
  • Flora (Blooms / Flowers)
  • Fortuna (Fortune / Chance)
  • Luna (Moon)
  • Pluto (Underworld)
  • Portunus (Harbor)

Places or buildings of the Religion (actual state)Edit

Here an overview over the buildings of the religion and in which phase the building process is:

  • The Oracle Cloud (in progress)
  • The Graveyard (in progress)
  • Temple Storehouse (in progress)
  • Temple "Shop" for the city (in progress)
  • the Temple of Byzanthium with Altar of Sacrifice (finished)
  • Altar for the Juno/Jupiter (finished)
  • Altar Room for the Gods (finished)
  • Room for Altar of Light and Altar of Darkness (finished)
  • the Oracle Sanctuary on the hill (finished)
  • rooms for novices, adepts and servants (finished)
  • apartments with brewing room for priests (finished)
  • the Library with the enchantment corner (finished)
  • the Working Halls for (finished)

Outside of Byzanthium:

  • The Temple of the 9th Legion (built in in and by 9th Legion)