Fort Tartarus is the Nether base of the Byzanthine Empire. Its main purpose is to serve as a fall-out base for Nether operations against the Evil Zombie-Pigmen. It also serves as the main hub for Nether Mining Operations. Other than that it contains a Netherwart Farm and a lot of space for chests, to create another location for members to place their chests.

The FortEdit

The most unice part of Fort Tartarus is its location. It is build on a mis-spawned piece of the nether providing some water, some trees and grass dirt. Before the building really started Snie even mined some coal, iron and even 2 diamonds from the chunks. So far it is the only place in the Nether where looking up doesnt mean seeing Netherrack everywhere.

How to get toEdit

One of the portals of the basilica/portal hall leads you to the Fort Tartarus. To find the right portal, search for the portal which is made out of brickstones.