The Colosseum is a new project for the city of Byzanthium. It is purposed to build a large PvP arena here. The members hope that the admins of the server will one day set a warp to it to make it serve as an official PvP place. The reason we want to have a PvP arena is to increase the fun of the server, to add another beautiful building to our city and to increase the fame of our Empire over the continents of Ceardia and Daendroc. We will build the building during the second Senate's rule over Byzanthium, so construction will start at Monday the 11th of June.

The buiding itself will be a replica of the Colosseum of Rome with some slight modifications. First: nobody will have the chance to leave the Colosseum for our city: we do not wish to give our enemies an easy portal to our city. Second: a small food shop will be build inside of it allowing people to buy something to eat while they are watching the games. And third: we will fill the arena with some small obstacles to increase in the fun of playing there.

We will build a portal to the arena from our soon-to-be embassy in SilverEdge to fill up the fact that we cannot immediately expect that a warp will be set. We hope though that a WarZone will be established together with a SafeZone. By doing this we are giving up some of our sovereign territory to the entire server.

Another plan we have is to build a large darkened arena below the main fighting place. Here we will create a vast system of corridors and rooms, allowing players to hunt each other rather than just attack.

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