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Gwendyn:new laws


  • active members should add each other in a messenger (Skype/ICQ)
    • we should use the IMs as a replace of ingame discussions
  • active members should create a wikia profile and in even in this wiki for their character
    • .. so that everybody can check from whom the the changes are
  • thinking about some people beside senate which only handle foreign politics
    • the idea: we will replace all allies through allies with active member which can get something like a profession as military
      • something like this: We want to be ally of yours - we can give aid in military, what can you give us?
      • at the end of the process, we/the responsble person knows our allies and we have some which can really support us, not like now where are only chaotic situations


  • We need proper communication between the thiers. Because right now it feels like we've got 3 different factions that operate individually.
  • Each tier needs to respect what the other tiers do.
  • If we're to keep the Empire on the right track...we need to be able to rely on a leader who is online atleast once a day.
  • Having looked at the different candidates and their political agendas...I think we're thinking to far ahead instead of focusing our attention on what can be done right now. Take the penalty system for we even have enough members for that to be a topic the senate should waste time on?
  • Last but not least...thanks Lach, for stealing my ally idea xD
  • Training island with village/facility for Military, Navy and Obsidian Order. If there are no objections raised to this suggjestion, it will go ahead as planned.


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