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The idea mountain side for the town

     I was thinking about the Vampire houses and Dwarves and I wondered why we don't have Dwarf housing. 

My idea is to make a small settlement behind the mountain on which the Temple lays. the city will be on the side of the mountain and inside, but most of it outside so it doesn't interfere with the inner Temple.

Since we only have about 3-4 Dwarves in the faction, we only need about that many houses. with a dining hall and a 'Grand Mine' or so ( cuz everyone knows dwarves love ores ^^ ) along with a river flowing into the mountain and a WaterMill to make it all look nice. Also a Beer factory

This is just what I think but I don't think the buildings should be roman style cause it would take away from the Dwarf feeling, it should be an assortment of stone and gold blocks maybe.

If you've seen the most western city in Skyrim, thats basically what I picture it being.

Im not really sure if ONLY Dwarves are aloud to live there.... You guys should decide that.

Here are some pictures of the Skyrim city, Markarth of what I think it


Markarth - Examples of what I think the city should look like


Markarth Example

ould be relative to:'

Obviously the city won't be this detailed but these pics are the basic idea. also Don't think when I say 'city' that its going to be Big it should be like a small settlement I think.

Let me know what you guys Think =)


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