In Byzanthium you have to choose a profession in which you can rank higher.

Currently we have 4 professions you can join (only one):


Military icon byzanthium

Gathering icon byzanthium

Religion icon byzanthium

Navy icon of byzanthium

It is possible to change your profession, but you have to start at the beginning of that profession so choose wisely.

Short OverviewEdit

Byzanthium is a faction that honors the Role Playing aspect of the game. The roles represent a job. Everybody starts at a Tier 1 role, and they can promote to a next Tier by completing tasks. Advances are only in the same aspect: to change from path means that you have to start at Tier 1 again.

Note: the Priest is elected rather than promoted, and he will not always remain the priest.

Tier Military 1 Military 2 Gathering Religion Navy
1 Auxiliary: explorer of surrounding land, companion during lootings Auxiliary: explorer of surrounding land, companion during lootings Farmer: Gatherer of food supplies

Novice: Collector of simple ressources

Seamen III
2 Legionnaire: defender of the City, attacker of other factions Venator: Killer of Mobs and Animals Lumberjack: gatherer of wood Adept Seamen II
3 Praetorian: Protector of the Leaders and special soldiers Labourer: mining operations, including ores and stone Servant Seamen I
4 Centurion: Low Ranking Officer Sigitarri: killer of Mobs and Players, supporter for Soldiers

Collector: gatherer of all resources, commander of other gatherers

Priest: Advisor and religious leader Captain


Tribune: High Ranking Officer Spy Architect: Leader of the Gatherers Oracle: Leader of the religion tier Admiral

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