The Constitutional Monarchy and the SenateEdit

In order with his own political ideas Snieuwenhuizen19 decided to share power with a democratic elected senate. The system works this way. Every Senate will remain in power for 2 weeks. After the first week elections will come. Any faction member (except for the ruler) can join in the elections. To join they must simply place their name on a sign and tell people what their plans are. In the 2nd week of the then-current Senate people will get a chance to place their names on a sign below the candidates name. This way they vote on the candidate. Afther that week Snieuwenhuizen19 will accept new members into the Senate. This senate will remain again in function for 2 weeks and so on.

The Senate decides on the laws of Byzanthium and gives advice about foreign Byzanthine politicy. They also advice Snieuwenhuizen19 about as much as possible. Byzanthine Subfactions all earn 1 seat in the Senate, while there are 4 Byzanthine senators. This way Empire politics are discussed.

Senators will have another star in front of their name but wont recieve the title of Senator. They will remain with their own job and their own function. They only have the *** in front of their name to proove that they are senators. To compile with this, the faction leaders now have **** in front of their name.

Next election is at 07nd July.


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