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A screenshot of the central plaza of the Capital Byzanthium, taken from the Temple terrain.

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Byzanthium is a Roman Empire, filled with enthusiastic builders and valourous warriors. They try to create a very unique building style and hope to expand as far as possible. The Empire is governed by Augustus Snieuwenhuizen19 and the Imperial Senate, from the capital of Byzanthium itself. They will have meetings with protectorate leaders to discuss Empire politics towards the world.

Empire PoliticsEdit

The Empire is divided between the Capital and member factions, also called "protectorates". These protectorates have a few rights and duties. Their first right is to always be able to count on Byzanthium for help. Their second right is to build a Gate to the Byzanthium Empire Gate hub. However, this gate hub hasn't been constructed so far. Their third right is to recieve help with the (gathering of materials for the) construction of buildings. Their duties are to help Byzanthium collecting resources whenever they are asked to (which won't be often because the faction has enough resources due to the efforts of its own faction members) and to help defending the Capital or any other protectorates during attacks. The protectorate must also state that it is part of the Byzanthine Empire in its description.

Protectorates are free to build in their own style, make up their own rules, choose their own faction members (unless he/she is deemed an enemy of the state) and even decide who is an ally and who is their enemy. This is because protectorates are still independent factions who join Byzanthium on a voluntary base and are also able to leave the Empire whenever they feel that being Byzanthine isn't good for their faction. Joining the Empire is free, but a mutual feeling of trust is expected. A majority of the original Byzanthine members must agree on letting a new faction in as a protectorate.

List of Byzanthine FactionsEdit

  • Byzanthium (Capital faction)
  • Aquilonia



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