Military Changes and Affairs

The entire military leadership is kicked, because they started a conspiracy against the leader Augustus Snieuwenhuizen19 and the his 2nd in command Lachrymology. << Read more >>

Attention all allied factions: This is an internal affair of Byzanthium! Please stay out of the discussion - that's not your problem!

Every faction which chooses to be into this will get first a neutral status and if it doens't stop the status will change to enemy!

The new ip of the server is:

Welcome to the Byzanthium Wiki

This is the Wiki for the faction Byzanthium of the Minecraft server MassiveCraft

Security System

We have a brand new security system in town, which will hopefully protect us more against enemies. << Read more >>

Leader change

Due to the fact that Snieuwenhuizen19 will be on a short vacation from the 1st until the 7th of July he has named Marcootje14 (his little brother) as the TEMPORARY Leader of Byzanthium. When Snie will be back he will take power back. This is all to make sure that Byzanthium won't fall due to his inactivity for the days to come.

Later on, at the last week of July, both Snie and Marco will have another vacation. Snie will then name Lachrymology to be the temporary leader. This is again to prevent the downcoming of our noble empire.


I started a suggestion page about what this faction needs in your opinion.

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